Gelfs are one of the species of Neveth

Physical DescriptionEdit

Gelfs are taller than commons, reaching around 6 to 6’5” feet tall. They have light skin sometimes covered in rune tattoos. Their hair comes in light hues, usually light blonde or light hazel, and are kept long, sometimes braided. Males do not have beards, unlike commons, and they are more slender than the previously named. They have long hairless tails, except for the end which is covered with a tuft of straight hair in the same color as the hair on the head, which reach around 4’5” in length and usually shows the mood of the gelf. Gelfs ears are pointed two times and larger than commons, usually covered in jewelry. Their faces are long with high marked cheekbones, almond shaped eyes in blue or grey colors and straight noses. They have pointed cheeks and thin lips. Gelfs almost never get wrinkles as they age, except around their eyes. Instead you can see at their hair, which usually get snow white, if it’s a senior of the species. A gelf has a slightly longer lifespan than commons, the average one being around 100-120 years.

Mental DescriptionEdit

Gelfs are the most intelligent species in Neveth, easily understaning of other cultures or magic. But they sometimes see other species as beneath them, and can sometimes be a bit arrogant. They are quite calm and harmonic in nature, often thinking through scenarios before acting upon them. They never stress, knowing that the result often is better if thought through. In battles they are excellent strategists and gelfs have some of the most excellent scholars in Neveth.

Cultural DescriptionEdit

Magical Description

Origin Description

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